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An Itchy Palm: How Fishtail Palms Are Toxic to Children and Pets

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Fishtail palms are prized for their unique appearance. Although there are several species of this palm tree, referred to scientifically as Caryota spp, they all share similar characteristics. With leaves shaped like fishtails, these palms can grace a lawn with their feathery and graceful structure, which is why they are popular as ornamentals. However, although fishtail palms are popular throughout Australia, they do pose a threat to pets and young children due to their toxicity. Read More»

3 Native Australian Trees Ideal For Screening Your Garden

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Australia is blessed with a unique ecosystem far removed from the flora and fauna that inhabit the Old World and the New, and plays host to a wide variety of trees that grow nowhere else in the world, from the famous eucalyptus tree family to the official floral emblem of Australia, the golden wattle. However, these trees aren’t just biological curiosities; many can be put to practical use, and many native Australian trees serve particularly well as screening trees that can provide privacy and seclusion for your garden. Read More»

Trees, Children and Safety Concerns: 4 Reasons Your Child's Safety Might Warrant Tree Removal

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When you have young children, a large yard is a godsend. An open yard that is well-secured and safe allows you to take care of household duties while your children play safely outdoors. But children are sometimes too curious for their own good. That’s why you need to make sure that any trees in your yard won’t pose any danger to your children. Australia has many regulations regarding tree removal. However, if the safety of your children is at risk, you may be granted permission to remove a hazardous tree on your property. Read More»