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3 Questions to Ask a Tree Lopping Service When You Want to Remove a Tree

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If you want to remove a tree from your garden, then you might have decided to hire a local tree lopping service. Make sure to ask the following questions before you choose which contractor to use.

1. Do You Need Permission to Take the Tree Down?

Even if a tree sits on your land, you can't necessarily just take it down. Some trees are protected; you might need a valid reason to remove them. For example, you can only remove some trees if they pose a hazard to life or are so badly diseased that they need to come down.

You might have to deal with both national and local regulations here. An experienced tree lopper can help you work out if you need to apply for permission to remove the tree. They can also help you apply for any approval you need.

2. Do They Have the Right Experience and Insurance?

Taking down a tree can be dangerous work. You should use a contractor with experience in tree removal as well as lopping. They need to prove that they can do the job and have some backup in case something unexpectedly goes wrong.

For example, look for contractors with industry-accredited training and certification in working on trees both on the ground and at climbing heights. If your tree lopping service uses a crew on the job, then someone needs to be certified to supervise a tree removal.

Any contractor you hire must have public liability insurance. This insurance covers any damage that might happen as the tree comes down. Your contractor should also have workers' comp coverage to protect their workers on the job.

3. Are There Any Risks You Need to Know About?

While your contractor should manage their own risk, you might also need to know what to do during the removal process. For example, the company might ask you to stay out of your garden during the removal process. You might need to keep children and pets indoors until the work is done.

This might also impact your neighbours if the tree is close to their garden. Plus, you might want to move garden furniture and outdoor toys away from the tree to keep them safe. Your contractor should tell you anything you need to do here to avoid harm to people or items.

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