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Why Stump Grinding Makes More Sense Than Stump Removal For Most Households

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There are few things that are more stubborn than tree stumps in your backyard. Not only do they look quite messy when they are in plain view of the house, but they are almost impossible to remove on your own. There are two major services that can get rid of tree stumps: tree stump removals and tree stump grinding. While tree stump removal might sound like the better option, in many cases, tree stump grinding is actually the smarter choice for Australian households. Here are a few reasons why you should almost certainly prioritise stump grinding over tree stump removal.

Better In Tighter Areas

A lot of the time, the tree stumps in suburban or city backyards have been there so long no one really remembers what the original trees looked like. Often the stump is actually in quite an awkward position, such as along the side of your house or in a tightly concentrated area with lots of other beautiful and thriving flowers and shrubs. If you don't want to potentially damage all of those surrounding building materials or flowers, then stump grinding is the only real choice, as it allows you to get right in there without disturbing the soil too much.

Leaves A Smooth Surface Behind

While some might lament that you can't really plant more trees or larger plants on top of ground stumps, you do get a very smooth surface without the massive pit that you will often see after a tree stump removal. Grass and smaller plants have no trouble growing on the shallower earth above a ground stump. That means that most of the time, the removal of the stump causes no real change to the look of your garden, other than allowing it to look more symmetrical with a fresh coat of lawn on top of it.


Stump removal can throw up all sorts of problems, from deeper-than-expected roots to a more interconnected system of roots than anticipated. Stump grinding is virtually always uncomplicated because the process is always the same: simply grind the wood until it is below surface level. This also makes stump grinding the cheaper option, especially when you remember you won't have to truck in a whole heap of dirt to fill in the hole left behind from the removal of the dead stump. If price and schedule are important factors for you, stump grinding is head and shoulders above stump removal.