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Weed Management: 4 Tips to Get an Upper Hand on Weeds Before Spraying

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Weeds are a considerable menace to any gardening efforts. They snowball and choke the life out of healthy plants by starving them of nutrients, water and sunshine. Today, there are numerous weed control measures to manage these unwanted plants. You can access a wide range of weed killers in your local garden centre, all of which promise a quick stop to the insurgence of weeds.  However, not all can meet your expectations when considering effective weed control and management.  

Therefore, before grabbing the spray bottle, here are a few tips to give you an upper edge on weeds in your garden:

Start With Prevention 

The war against weeds should start before the invasion. Begin by creating a garden that will discourage weeds and favour your intended plants. Healthy garden care means choosing plants that are suitable to your microclimates, as well as affording enough moisture and mulching. Healthy plants will always thrive in any garden. Healthy garden plants and lush lawns will ultimately cover exposed soil, which helps block weeds from thriving. Keep a keen eye on small weeds that might be cropping up and uproot them before gaining a foothold. 

Understand Your Garden's Enemies and Surroundings 

The initial step in finding a lasting solution to eradicate weeds in your garden is knowing which types of weeds you're fighting. Research more on weeds and learn which ones are present in your area. Weed control products are designed to be plant-specific. A product that eliminates one type of weed might fail to work on the other. Additionally, assess what's growing nearby. Typically, it's not recommended to use weed control products on or near consumable plants. 

Analyse the Weed Control Impact

Sometimes the impact of the weed-killing product you are using might surpass the weeds you are managing. Herbicides, for example, are types of chemicals designed to inhibit proper weed growth and function. However, they might have a similar effect on other non-weed plants and animals. For this reason, the use of weed control and management products must be cautiously done to alleviate any negative impacts on non-weed plants and animal or human health.

Be Mindful of the Label

Finally, product labels on weed control and management products offer critical information on their safe handling procedures. Failure to adhere to these instructions can lead to poor weed control outcomes and pose a health risk to human health. Therefore, for effective weed management in your garden, be mindful of the product labels and follow all instructions included therein. 

Contact a local weed management service to learn more.