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Reasons Never To Do Palm Relocation As A DIY Job

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Palms, undeniably, are majestic trees. These species of trees will immediately transform your backyard into a tropical haven. Nonetheless, there may come a time when you could end up having to transplant it from your property or to another location on the premises. But unlike small trees that you could easily uproot and move, relocating a palm tree is not a task that should be performed by untrained professionals. It is critical to call an arborist as they will know how best to undertake this endeavour. Whether your particular palm tree seems small or has large fronds, here are just two reasons never to undertake in palm relocation as a DIY job.

Palm relocation needs the right type of skill

Palm relocation is not similar to tree removal. You cannot employ tree removal tactics to transplant the tree if you plan to either sell it or replant it on another property or in a different part of your yard. For starters, the arborist will know what season is best to transplant the palm since this ideally should be done when the tree is in an active growing stage. Secondly, the arborist will know which roots they need to cut to facilitate the uprooting of the tree. If you attempt to do this on your own, you could end up permanently harming the tree and the relocation process will be for naught. So if you want your palm tree to be viable for relocation and subsequent transplanting, it is best to leave the project to an arborist that will have the right skill set and equipment too.

Palm relocation poses the risk of property damage

You may be thinking that all you need to do is dig a hole around the palm tree and carefully excavate it in its entirety without posing a threat to the roots. The reality, though, is that the uprooting process is not the only stage that you should be careful with. It is critical to bear in mind that this species of trees can grow to be quite heavy. You might believe that the fronds of your palm are few so they will not be a burden, but you have not weighed the trunk. Thus, even when you have successfully uprooted it, you could end up damaging utility lines or even a neighbour's property if as the palm tree is close to them. An arborist, on the other hand, will have heavy construction equipment at the ready for the safe and successful lifting of the tree without undue risk to bystanders, neighbouring properties and so on — not to mention an arborist will also have insurance in the unlikely event that any damage is acquired.

Contact a tree service for more information about palm relocation.