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When to Call for Tree Services for Your Property

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Tree services, or the trimming and pruning of trees, is almost always best left to a professional. He or she will be able to trim branches at the right angle and in the right area so that the branch doesn't weaken after being cut. They also know how to keep themselves safe while working at heights and while trimming.

While a professional can give you advice on how trees can be trimmed, note when you want to call for trimming services on your property:

1. Sap trees

Most sap trees flow during early spring or late fall, and while trimming them during this time won't actually hurt the tree, this can mean allowing sap to bleed out of the trimmed area. The tree may look very unsightly this way and excess sap on the trunk might attract unwanted insects and animals. Instead, have sap trees trimmed between late spring and early fall, or when sap flow is minimal.

2. Fruit trees

It's good to prune fruit trees before their blooming season, as cutting away dead branches can mean healthier flowers and in turn, healthier fruits. Typically blooming season is very late spring and during summertime, so have fruit trees trimmed during early spring and before you see blossoms and blooms appear.

3. Hardwood trees

Hardwood trees like maple or mahogany should be trimmed during their dormant season, not while they're growing. This will ensure that the trimming doesn't weaken the tree itself, and that lateral branches can be supported after trimming. The dormant season for hardwoods would be typically late fall to early spring. As the weather gets colder, the tree slows its own growth. This is the best time to have a hardwood tree trimmed.

4. Dead or decaying trees

While pruning live trees should be done around their best growing time, a tree that has dead branches or that is decaying should be pruned right away, no matter the type of tree or season. Dead branches can fall at any time, and a decaying tree is not growing and flourishing anyway so there is no need to worry about its growing season.

It's especially good to consider trimming dead branches or decaying trees if you hear cracking sounds or smaller branches have already fallen, as these are sure signs that the branches may be ready to come down. Trim them before this happens to ensure they don't cause injury or property damage on their own. 

To learn more, contact a company like Waratah Tree Services with any questions you have.