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Common Tree Removal Methods

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When you have a tree or several trees in your front yard or backyard that need removing for one reason or another, you will need to hire a tree removal company to do the job. But before you make that move, you should be aware of the common tree removal methods that these professionals use so that you're well-informed when they give you the options for your particular situation.

Top Down Removal -- With a top-down removal, a tree specialist, also known as an arborist, will first cut off all the branches of the tree as he climbs up to the top. Once at the top of the tree, the arborist will then cut through the top bough of the tree and let that portion fall to the ground. The arborist then descends a few metres and begins the process again. Because the arborist has cut off all the branches, there are no encumbrances to slow the process down. Once the arborist reaches the bottom portion of the tree and the tree is reduced to just a stump, the process is complete. The stump is then small enough to grind or cut down. Top-down removal may not be the best method with a tree that is very close to an existing structure because of the potential that a falling bough will hit the structure and cause damage.

Tree Felling -- Tree felling is a method in which an arborist uses a chainsaw to cut the base of a tree, which topples the entire tree. It is the most affordable way to remove a tree, and it is also the quickest way to cut down a tree, but the arborist must accurately cut the tree so that it falls in the optimal direction. To use this removal method, an arborist must determine there is enough room in your yard for the tree to fall without hitting any structures or another tree. The tree felling method may not work if there are any obstacles in the path of a falling tree, and it also results in a long clean-up because the felled tree still has to be cut into smaller sections that the removal company can haul away

Spar Pole Rigging -- The spar pole rigging method is similar to the top-down removal method, but the biggest difference is that an arborist uses a rigging rope to tie around each bough that is cut, so that it can be safely lowered to the ground. The key is to ensure the rigging is strong enough to support the weight of each bough, but this is a method that works well if an arborist determines that allowing the cut boughs to freefall presents too many safety risks.

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