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Signs That a Tree on Your Property Needs Trimming

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Tree trimming is not something you should do without good cause, as every type of trimming is actually a wound to the tree. However, the right trimming can be for the benefit of the tree and help to preserve its overall health. Trimming a tree can allow it to receive more oxygen and, in turn, get stronger, and removing certain branches can protect the tree's strength. Note a few signs that it's time to trim a tree that is on your property.

1. Co-dominant leaders

When a tree grows, it should have one strong, dominant branch that reaches up the middle to the top of the tree. This is what gives the tree its strength. When there are two co-dominant leaders or branches that grow up the middle of the tree and side by side, this can weaken the trunk and allow it to split and tear, especially in high winds and strong rains. When you notice that your tree has co-dominant leaders, you want to trim one of those branches so that the other can become stronger and the only dominant branch. This will keep the tree itself strong and secure.

2. Dense canopy

Trees with thick leaves may form what is called a dense canopy, or thick covering, that doesn't allow much sunlight to lower branches and leaves. You may notice these lower branches and their leaves seem weak and yellowed. Trimming the tree's upper branch can mean thinning out that canopy so that sunlight can get through to the entire tree, and the lower branches can be just as healthy as the upper branches. 

3. Crossing branches

When you can hear two branches of a tree rubbing against each other during a storm, this means the tree has crossing branches. If allowed to keep rubbing against each other, they can actually cause damage. The bark can be worn off so that the wood becomes weak and eventually the tree itself becomes weak. When you hear the familiar squeak of two branches brushing each other, it's time to trim one of them back so as to protect the tree's overall health.

4. Safety

Don't wait for dead branches to fall or for a tree to pull down a power line before you give it a good trim. Once you notice that branches have become brittle or they've grown so long that they're starting to get in the way of power lines and cables, you need to trim them right away.

If you have specific questions about tree lopping, contact a business like Ashmere Tree Solutions to learn more about keeping your trees healthy.